Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 23, 2013 Referendum Update

SDS Architects Visit With Faculty Representatives
Dale Poynter, President and Lead Architect for SDS, completed his first design workshop with faculty members on May 15.  The workshop consisted of six listening sessions with elementary faculty, three listening sessions with MS/HS faculty, and a observation of an elementary lunch service.   

For elementary faculty representatives, Mr. Poynter reviewed his current conceptual drawings and faculty provided feedback related to layout, design, room configuration, storage consideration, cafeteria capacity and flow, and specific needs for special education and Title I rooms.  Mr. Poynter used this information to create three different design options.  Each option has a different layout for the classroom additions and the cafeteria.   The new classrooms are being targeted for use by 4 year old kindergarten and 5 year old kindergarten.  Each design incorporated the concept of a “Kindergarten Wing” and includes elements valued by the teachers at those grade levels.  All elementary teachers and support staff members attended a faculty meeting that included a brief overview of a few preliminary drawings and were invited to offer comments based on their perceptions.  Themes from formal and informal feedback are shared with Mr Poynter to inform his process.

At the high school, Mr. Poynter met with physical education teachers and representatives from the coaching staff.  There was considerable discussion regarding the desired interior design features of the multiple purpose area.  From this feedback Mr. Poynter created some very general design options that balance providing a multi-faceted fitness/physical education area on the first floor while still maximizing the square footage on the second floor.

Facilities Committee Meeting Scheduled for Thursday, June 6th at 7:00 pm
Mr. Poynter is committed to gaining feedback from the Facilities/Stakeholder committee members.  We have scheduled a design workshop for the facilities/stakeholder committees for Thursday, June 6th at 7:00 pm in the High School cafeteria.  At the meeting members of the committee will have the opportunity to provide feedback, ask questions, and select the elements of each design option they feel best represent our vision for the project.  After this input session, we will ask Mr. Poynter to create a much more detailed rendering of each project.  This detailed design will shared with faculty and the facilities committee before ultimately being accepted by the school board.

Vague, But Positive Feedback from the Department of Transportation
We were able to communicate our general plan of redirecting/adjusting Coe Street with Joseph Gregas at the Department of Transportation.  His response was positive, he saw no issues with the redirection or change of Coe Street.  While this is positive, we are also a little cautious because this was a short preliminary discussion.  Moving forward we will need to reach a positive agreement that helps the village and the school board reach their desired goals for the area in front of the high school.  We also plan to leave a little flexibility in the design in front of the multi-purpose addition to allow for future adjustments or redesigns of traffic flow.  
Relocation Plan Update
Peter Miesbauer is the consultant creating the relocation plan that the district is required to create for the Department of Administration.  Literature was sent to all tenants, Mr. Miesbauer has attempted contact with all tenants, and has met with several tenants over the past week. He indicated yesterday (May 21) that he will be done with the relocation plan shortly after the first of the month.  This plan will be submitted for approval from the Department of Administration as soon as it is completed.

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