Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 3, 2013 Referendum Update

On April 2nd, residents of the Cashton School District passed a building referendum. The passing of the referendum allows the district to enhance our facilities in a manner that addresses current educational space issues, updates inefficient energy systems, reconfigures building entrances, and supports community access to school facilities.   The project will include the following campus updates: 
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning improvements at the middle/high school and elementary school,
  • Construction and equipping of 6 new classrooms at the elementary school,
  • Renovation and expansion of the elementary cafeteria,
  • Construction, equipping, and furnishing of a multi-use addition,
  • Acquisition of land to complete referendum projects, parking, and additional greenspace
  • Other improvements to school facilities.

As one might imagine, a project of this magnitude requires a great deal of planning.   Currently, representatives from the district have met with the SDS Architects for an initial meeting.  SDS Architects were used for the 1996 building referendum and helped with the preliminary project estimates prior to the referendum vote.  The scope of the project was reviewed and a preliminary project schedule was shared. 

Based on community feedback and current instructional needs, the projects at the elementary school have been identified as a higher priority.  Early estimates predict that the elementary projects could be completed by September 2014.   Projects at the middle/high school have been tentatively set for completion by the fall of 2015.

Currently representatives from the district are working on preliminary and concept designs for the elementary and middle/high school project.  Some of this work was accomplished during the pre-referendum process, but more is needed to solidify regarding the location of the new classrooms, the redesign of the cafeteria, configuration of new entrances and parking areas, and the prioritization of building infrastructure updates. 

Conceptual designs have been created for the multi-purpose addition.  As requested by the Board of Education, Community Stakeholder Group, and Facilities Committee, the district is actively pursuing the feasibility of constructing this addition on to the current middle/high school building.    The goal in designing the multi-purpose addition is to create a space that can be used for physical education and co-curricular activities; a dedicated and permanent space for district cardio and strength equipment; flexible classroom space for school or educational use; and space for future permanent classrooms.  Conceptual designs have been created for an addition that would have two stories and approximately 20,000 square feet.

Once the district has finalized the architectural selection process; the Facilities Committee will have the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the architects and engineers prior to the finalization of the design.
At a meeting held on April 17th, the electorate authorized the district to purchase four parcels of land that will be used to complete referendum projects, parking, and additional greenspace.  Currently some of these parcels of land contain housing with tenants.  The district is following relocation regulations outlined by the Wisconsin Department of Administration, and this process will take place in a manner as to not delay the construction timeline.  

It important to recognize the work of the Community Stakeholder Group, these community members have volunteered their time to research the current state of the district; to solicit feedback from all community members, and make recommendations to the Board of Education. 

Community Stakeholder Group
Annette Trescher
John Weber
Darin Von Ruden
Beth Wells
Gerry Klinkner
Holly Boisen
Jeff Williams
Karine Brueggen
Jenny Butzler
Sue Schmitz
Diane McNulty
Sara Cook (Board Representative)

In addition, the Facilities Committee will now play an important role in providing the feedback to district officials throughout the building projects.

Facilities Committee
Jack Herricks
Dan Korn
Scott Mlsna
Jack Herricks
Lucy Vaaler
Bill Freiberg
Al Erickson
Brenda Huntzicker
Roxane Schmitz
Mike Schmitz  
David Brueggen (Board Representative)

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