Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013 Referendum Update

At its September 18th meeting, the Board of Education approved the agenda for its Annual Meeting on September 23, 2013 at 7:00 pm.  The agenda includes two resolutions that pertain to the referendum.  The first is a vote to authorize the School Board to acquire, by purchase, the site located as described below to be designated as a school site pursuant to Sections 120.10(5m) and (5) of the Wisconsin Statutes.

The parcels being considered for purchase and designation as a school site are the following:
1.   Parcel ID No. 111-00398-0000 (566 Schneider St.) in the Village of Cashton, Wisconsin;
2.   Parcel ID No. 111-00399-0000 (556 Schneider St.), in the Village of Cashton, Wisconsin;
3.   Parcel ID No. 111-0040-0000 (546 Schneider St.), in the Village of Cashton, Wisconsin.

The Board intends to purchase the land for the purpose of constructing an addition to the school that aligns with the goals of the referendum.  The acquisition of these properties allows the District the opportunity to build on a preferred site.  It represents an investment in land which has multiple uses versus the expenses related to moving a road.  The site has more space, which allows for logical future expansion and the opportunity for green space.

It is important to note that the costs associated with the purchase of this land will be part of the referendum project.  It will not require additional levying of taxes or the diverting of Fund 10 educational revenues.  The referendum has passed.  The district will be be completing the multi-purpose addition.  If the electorate does not authorize the purchase of this property, the district will move forward with the project at another location.  The proposed site on the southeast corner of the current building was identified by the community stakeholder group, the facilities committee, and the Board of Education as the preferred site.  The property needed to build in this location was not available for sale at the time of the information sessions and the subsequent referendum vote.

Below are some basic designs created by SDS as options for the addition.  One advantage of this location is it will allow the district to design the interior structure in a manner that enhances and adds to the current facility.  It is important to note that the design development process for the project is not complete.  In the end, the multipurpose area will contain a flexible physical education/athletic area; additional classroom areas; and a redesigned main entrance.  The exact size, layout, and other specific elements can not be determined until a site is selected.

To fulfil the goals of the referendum, additional land has been purchased.  Existing buildings on the properties do not align with the needs of the district and need to be removed or demolished prior to construction.  Until that occurs, the district now owns materials that are not relevant to the mission, vision, and purpose of the district.  They may, however, be of value to others.  Prior to disposing of these materials, the district would like to hold an auction to sell this material.  Additional items not associated with the obtained properties that are obsolete, inefficient, or no longer needed may be included for sale also.  To hold an auction, the Board must ask the electorate for approval to sell obsolete and/or unneeded school property.  This vote will occur at the annual meeting.  If approved, the district schedule an auction some time in the Fall which will be published prior to the event.

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