Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013 Referendum Update

Last Monday at the Annual Meeting the electorate voted to give the Board of Education the authority to acquire the three properties highlighted in the picture below.  The actual vote was 73-Yes and 25-No.

Prior to the District purchasing these properties, we must complete a land survey; conduct a Phase I Environmental Assessment; and appraise each property.  I have scheduled each of these, and they should be completed over the next couple weeks.

I will be asking SDS Architects to begin the process of creating multiple interior and exterior designs for the MS/HS project.  The goal is to present this information to the Facilities and Faculty committees by the end of October.  The exact dates for these workshops have not been set.  

The electorate also authorized the Board of Education to sell obsolete and/or unneeded school property. The plan is to schedule an auction after the asbestos abatement process at 525 Coe Street and the Lewis Street apartments is complete.  It will be hard to predict the exact date of the auction until this process is complete.  However, we will make sure to publicize the date of the auction in the Cashton Record.

We are confident that the elementary project is ready for the general contractor bidding process.   Indications are that we will have a number of capable and qualified firms that will be bidding on the project.  SDS is coordinating the exact bid date in a manner that will allow for the most competitive bids.  

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