Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013, Referendum Update

At the October Board of Education meeting, I will be asking the Board of Education to release the elementary project for bidding.  In anticipation of this release, SDS has proposed the following bidding timeline.

  1. Final quality control review of the construction drawings and project manual (Oct. 25-28).
  2. SDS will coordinate the proper posting of the project.  The bid period will last approximately one month. Regional contractors with meaningful experience completing educational projects will be invited to bid.  In addition, the project will be posted in local/regional newspapers and trade magazines to assure that all tradesmen and suppliers are aware of the project. (November 12)
  3. Bid period contractor walk-through (December 4).
  4. Public bid opening event  (December 12).
  5. Board of Education selection of elementary project contractor (December Board of Education Meeting).

All dates are tentative.  In the meantime, we are working with SDS, our insurance agency, and District counsel to develop the specific parameters to be included in the bidding documents.

The architect was at the MS/HS on Monday, October 7.  He met with district officials to continue the process of determining what is fiscally and structurally feasible for the MS/HS project.  After meeting with the administrative team and the director of maintenance and transportation, SDS was directed to develop multiple designs for each aspect to the project.  This includes new front entrance/mail office designs, different options/locations for the multipurpose addition, and varied interpretations of how to best utilize the new space created through the purchase of the properties behind the school.

The architect will return to Cashton on Thursday, October 24 to present these options to both the faculty and facilities committees.  A specific schedule for the faculty design workshop will be developed and shared with the participants.  The facilities committee meeting will be held in the MS/HS conference room at 7:00 pm.

The process for abating the very small amount of asbestos found in the apartments and at 525 Coe Street is proving to take longer than expected.  We are hopeful that much of that task will be complete prior to winter.

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