Friday, December 20, 2013

December 20, 2013 Referendum Update

Following a public bidding process, the Cashton School Board has passed a resolution awarding Boson Construction Company the construction contract for the Elementary Addition and Remodeling project.  Boson submitted the lowest of eight contractor bids. The district’s strategy of pre-selecting a relatively large number of general contractors was designed to create a competitive bid environment.  The process worked. The low bid is competitive and gives us a very good chance to complete this project on budget.

Boson Construction is based in Marshfield, WI.  The company has a successful history of completing educational projects similar to the addition and remodeling at the elementary school.  Boson completed school projects for the Wausau School District (Stettin Elementary), Stevens’ Point Elementary (Bannach Elementary), and the firm is currently completing a project for Marshfield School District. (Marshfield Middle School).   Boson has worked with the SDS, the district’s architect, on prior projects.  SDS confirmed that Boson has a strong reputation for timely and professional work.

Pre-construction meetings will commence immediately.  Groundbreaking for the project is scheduled for March, however, the exact date is yet to be determined.  Our goal is to balance an aggressive effort to complete construction prior to September, 2014, while minimizing educational distractions.

The project at the elementary will result in 21,100 square feet of new educational space and 4,100 square feet of remodeled educational space.  The addition will include a seven classroom primary education (4K-5K) wing, a new entrance/main office, an expanded student pick up and drop off parking lot, and a new cafeteria.  The redesigned main office will have a secure vestibule at the entrance, expanded work and storage areas, a centrally located nurse’s office, and a small conference room for parent meetings or teacher collaboration time.  The new cafeteria will be built by filling in an existing courtyard.  The new cafeteria will be larger and will allow for the old cafeteria space to be used for academics, physical education, CCLC, community fitness activities, and small performances.

In the image below new construction areas are highlighted in yellow.

The images below are 3-dimensional representations of the new entrance.

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