Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014 Referendum Update

Later this week we will begin to finalize the design elements for the MS/HS multi-purpose addition and remodeling project.  At this stage we have identified four major components to the project.

Safe Entrance and Main Office Remodel.  The new front will have a secure entrance.  During the school day, all visitors will be required to gain access to the school through the main office.  The faculty/facilities committee recommended the expansion of the current entrance hallway area into a lobby area that connects to the cafeteria.

Academic/Community Multi-Purpose Addition.   The faculty/facilities committee favored the academic/community multi-purpose addition to be located above the remodeled main office/entrance.  The centralized location will allow for easy after-hours community access and improve its functionality during the school day.  This new addition will include a new LMC, online-learning center, a community room, and student commons areas.

Cardio-Fitness Center Addition.  The faculty/facilities committee has identified the current Ag/Metals areas as the ideal location for this component of the multi-purpose addition.  This design will connect the HS gym to the new fitness center.

 Agriculture Science and Technology Education Addition.  Building the Cardio-Fitness Center adjacent to the gym provides the opportunity to add a new Agriculture Science and Technology Education Addition adjacent to the current industrial education area.  The addition will be built on the newly acquired land behind the high school.

The total project will result in an estimated additional 20,000 square feet of educational space and 6,500 square feet of remodeled space.  In addition, heating systems and other infrastructure updates will improve the energy efficiency of the building.

While the basic elements of these spaces have been identified, there is still a lot of work to do to identify how these essential elements will fit together.  To assist our architect in the refinement of the designs, faculty/facility teams have been identified to investigate each component of the project.  Each team will be meeting this week to discuss the interior components of each space.  Teams will be researching schools that have completed similar projects, and if possible, site visits will be scheduled.  The teams will communicate their findings to SDS.   The goal will be to have a conceptual design completed by the end of February.  This will allow SDS enough time to prepare a final design and construction document by the end of the school year.

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