Friday, February 7, 2014

February 7, 2014 Referendum Update

MS-HS Addition and Remodeling Project
Over the past month faculty/community teams have been investigating each component to the MS/HS project.  Teams met in early January to start the process of moving from a basic design into a final vision.  The groups brainstormed ideas, priorities, floor plans, essential components, and “nice” to haves.  I reported this information to our lead architect.  From this information, SDS created a revised design with greater detail.

In late January, each group completed site visits to schools that have recently completed similar projects.  

Academic/Community Multipurpose Center:  Richland Center High School, Sun Prairie High School, and Madison Public Library

Cardio-Fitness Center:  Tomah High School and Royall High School

Agriculture Science and Technology Addition:  Galesville-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School and Holman High School

Main Entrance and Office Redesign: Richland Center High School, Sun Prairie High School, Tomah High School, and Royall High School.

After the site visits, the administrative team followed up with SDS with even more feedback.  SDS is currently completing a concept design that will be shared with each faculty//community team on Wednesday, February 12.

MS-HS Concept Design Workshop Schedule
SDS architects will be here on Wednesday to share their concept design for the MS-HS project.  They will meet with each faculty/community group according to the following schedule:

10:00-11:30: Agriculture Science and Technology Addition

11:30-12:30: Cardio-Fitness Center:  Tomah High School and Royall High School

12:45-2:00: Academic/Community Multipurpose Center

2:10-3:10: Main Entrance and Office Redesign

If you have an interest in participating in one of these design workshops, please contact me.  We welcome your input and feedback.

Elementary Addition and Remodeling Project
We have been holding pre-construction meetings with the general contractor and major sub-contractors throughout the last month.  Joyce and I are coordinating with Boson (General Contractor) to purchase the supplies and materials needed to complete the project.   By having all of the purchases flow through the district office, we are able to use our sales tax-exempt status to save money.

Construction will be completed in manner that limits educational interruptions.  Boson has created a draft schedule in which all required activities have been identified and sequenced.  Construction will begin in early March.  The district expects the contractor to adhere to a timeline that calls for substantial completion by August 15.   Mr. Alderson is developing a detailed moving plan that will have contingencies in place if the construction timeline is delayed.

Boson is finalizing the plan for the school site during construction.  Starting in March the small parent pick up and drop off lot will no longer be accessible.  The large parking lot will be split to accommodate both student pick up/drop off and bus pick up/drop off.  This will likely create some inconveniences at the beginning and end of the school day.  During the summer months access will be limited to the District Gym Areas.  Elementary summer school classes will be held at the MS/HS.

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