Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014 Referendum Update

Project Schedule and Site Plan
Our most recent pre-construction meeting was held on Wednesday, February 26.  As with other meetings, it was led by the Project Manager and On-Site Superintendent from Boson Construction, our general contractor.   We covered many topics, however, the two main areas of focus were the project schedule and the site plan during construction.

The long cold winter has already created scheduling problems for the project.  The current plan is for the project fence, contractor offices, storage areas, and erosion controls to be set up during the first week of April.   At that point the site will be ready for material deliveries and for outdoor work to begin as soon as weather will allow.  In the meantime, plumbing and electrical sub-contractors will be coordinating with Mr. Alderson and Mr. Freiberg to gain access to the building at convenient times to complete work inside the building.  Examples of projects that will be started early are: upgrading light fixtures for improved efficiency; upgrading the lighting in the district gym; adding lighting and heating occupancy sensors; and completing work on the roof in preparation for new air handling units.  In addition, one classroom of students will be relocated to prepare for the courtyard conversion.  These “smaller” projects will help keep the project as close to the predicted timeline as possible.

Once the fence is up, the current parent pick-up and drop off lot will no longer be accessible.   All parent, visitor, and delivery traffic will be directed to the large parking lot.  In addition, the elementary main entrance will temporarily be moved to the District Gym entrance.  A fence will split the large parking lot into a west lot and east lot.  The west lot will serve as the student pick-up/drop-off and visitor parking lot.  The east lot will be the bus line up area.  The fence will be movable, which will allow for us to adjust the lot configuration for large events this spring (track meet, graduation, etc).    A double fence will provide a safe walkway for students being dropped off by parents and for students accessing the crosswalk.

The diminished parking lot capacity will mean that no high school students will be allowed to park at the elementary school starting on April 1.  Our plan is to allow sophomores to park in the high school lot and to expect that all athletes walk from the high school to the elementary school for practice.

We will do everything we can to substantially complete the project prior to the start of the 2014-2015 school year.  However, if the additions and remodeling are not complete prior to our September start date, classes will start, and we will make sure that the environment is conducive for learning.  The district may have added flexibility if the legislature passes Bill 589.   This bill would eliminate the requirement to schedule 180 days of school per academic year, but keep in place the requirement of a minimum number of hours for elementary and secondary schools.

Furniture, Equipment, and Technology
Mr. Alderson is leading a bidding process for the furniture and equipment purchases for the elementary project.  Multiple vendors have met with faculty and staff to understand the equipment needs for the new classrooms, office spaces, work rooms, and conference rooms.  Vendor proposals will be due by the end of this week.  Selection will be based on value, quality, and warranties.

Mr. Alderson, Mr. Heiring, and I have identified educational technology needs for each classroom, the wireless routing needs for the additional square footage, additional cameras for security, and the switches/routers needed to assure that all the new equipment will work.   These purchases will be completed later this spring.

Concept Design
Last week, SDS submitted a concept design for each of the components to the MS-HS project. Below are the updated designs for each space.  The designs now include specific dimensions and square footages.  Engineers will be at the MS-HS over the next few weeks as the concept design is converted into the final design and ultimately the construction document.

Secure Main Entrance and Office Remodel

2nd Floor Academic Multi-Purpose Area

Cardio Fitness Center Addition

Agriculture-Metals Addition

High School Parking Lot Expansion
The bidding period for the demolition of the Lewis Street Apartments and the home at 525 Coe Street concluded on February 26.  The district received four bids.  Our project manager from CESA 10 is calling references and verifying the validity of the bids.  A contractor will be selected at the March 19th Board of Education meeting.  Upon completion the area will be a combination of a gravel parking lot and green space.

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