Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 25, 2014 Referendum Update


Now that winter has finally released its grip on the region, the construction project at the elementary school has started.  Currently, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors have started preliminary work inside the building while waiting for the frost to work its way out of the ground.  Parents and community members will begin seeing elements of the project outdoors begin during the first week of April.  This will cause several necessary adjustments for students, families, and community members to ensure safety and learning for our students and an efficient and timely completion of the school construction project.  When complete, our building will include seven additional classrooms, safe entrances, energy efficiency upgrades to heat and water systems, air conditioned classrooms, an expanded cafeteria, and space for individualized support for students.  We appreciate your flexibility and patience with the construction process in advance.

On MARCH 31st, the safety fencing and construction site equipment is scheduled for installation.  Once installed, the current parent pick-up and drop off lot will no longer be accessible, as it will be expanded to improve safety and efficiency.  The access road from Hagen Street will be blocked and only accessible by contractors.  All parent, visitor, and delivery traffic will be directed to the large parking lot.  In addition, the elementary main entrance will be moved to the District Gym entrance for the remainder of the school year.  A temporary fence will split the large parking lot into a west lot and east lot.  The west lot will serve as the student pick-up/drop-off and visitor parking lot.  The east lot will be the bus line up area and staff parking.  The fence will be movable, which will allow for us to adjust the lot configuration for large events this spring (track meet, graduation, etc).    A double fence will provide a safe walkway for students being dropped off by parents and for students accessing the crosswalk.

The carefully considered parking lot plan provides safe access for students, but it is essential for people to make every effort to follow the plan as designed.  Signs and other markings, along with school staff, will assist with traffic direction until the patterns become more familiar.  It may be helpful to allow additional time for drop off during the first couple of weeks of April.

Students walking to school will continue to use existing sidewalks and crossings.  One section of double construction fencing will mark a temporary walking route that will connect the current crosswalk to the gym lobby entrance.

Traffic will flow in one-way loops as indicated on the diagram below.  Please note the preferred curbside drop off location.  Parking along the curb will not be permitted to preserve traffic flow and drop off zones.  Some parking will be available in the west lot.  Parents who prefer to escort their child(ren) into the building are encouraged to park in these marked spaces and carefully escort their children across the parking lot to the sidewalk.  Please do not permit your children to walk from the center parking area to the sidewalk unattended.  Parking in fire lanes or unmarked areas will not be permitted as it will reduce both safety and efficiency.

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