Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10, 2014 Referendum Update

The project fence, contactor trailers, and material storage units are up and in place.  Material deliveries have begun.  The large parking lot is split.  The west side of the lot is for visitor parking and student drop-off/pick-up.  The east side of the lot is for bus loading and faculty parking.  After some initial challenges, the temporary lot is working adequately.

Below are a few pictures of the work that has started:

Figure 1:  April 7, 2014 -Entry Demolition

Figure 2:  April 7, 2014 Entry Demolition
Figure 3: April 7, 2014 Mr. Brown’s room has been vacated so plumbing work can be completed for the new cafeteria.
Over the next week contractors will be working to create points of entry into the courtyard.   Once they have access, they will prepare the area for the footings and foundation for the new cafeteria.  This work will mainly be completed after-school hours.  However, if noise is tolerable, some work will be completed during the school day.

The classroom and main office addition site work begins this week.  The contractor has been coordinating the redirection of the various utilities that feed into the school.  The most significant of these utilities is the gas service connection at the northwest corner of the school--work on re-routing this utility could not begin until frost depths were reasonable.  We Energies has been helpful in expediting this work.  In addition, work on the new receiving room storage area directly to the west of the District Gym entrance will begin soon.

SDS Architects and KJWW Engineers have been in the MS/HS several times over the past month.  We have completed the design development phase.  The construction drawings and project manual for the General Contractor bidding are now being created.   Dale Poynter has indicated the final bidding documents should be complete by the end of May.  The bidding process will be similar to the Elementary project.  The bid period will last a month.  Regional contractors with meaningful experience completing educational projects will be invited to bid.  In addition, the project will be posted in local/regional newspapers and trade magazines to assure that all tradesmen and suppliers are aware of the project.  In the coming weeks, I will provide a more specific bidding timeline.  The goal is to start the MS-HS project in the late summer/early fall.

On Thursday, April 24 at 4:00 pm the district will have a public auction to sell the contents of the 525 Coe Street and 604 Lewis Street properties.  Mike Huntzicker has volunteered his time, and will serve as the auctioneer for the event.  In addition, we will be selling other obsolete/unneeded school property (desks, computers, kitchen equipment and other miscellaneous items).  All purchased materials will be required to be removed by May 1st.  C&C Landscaping will start the demolition of the properties and construction of the gravel parking lot shortly thereafter.  It is important to note that the school district attempted to coordinate with Cashton Fire Department to complete a control burn of these properties.  However, the fire department decided that the location of these properties was not conducive for a controlled/training burn.

The former Daines home has been moved to just behind the bus garage.  As part of the purchase agreement, the buyer is responsible for removing the foundation and returning the property back to its original grade.  This should happen over the next couple of weeks.    The Herricks property closing will occur on or near May 15.  Prior to closing, the seller will be removing the home and storage sheds.  We have scheduled the removal of the underground diesel tank and installation of a new above ground system for late June.
The final sale of referendum bonds was completed on April 9.   The timing of this issuance allowed the district make an extra payment towards the debt from the previous referendum.  We will make the final payoff on our “old” referendum debt on May 1, 2016.

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