Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Referendum Update, July 29, 2014

The epoxy flooring installation in the new addition started today.  HVAC, temperature control, plumbing, and electrical contractors are coordinating to complete the final installation of our heating and cooling upgrades.  The system will be tested and balanced, and our maintenance staff will be trained by specialists.  The kitchen upgrades, cafeteria flooring, new door installation, ceiling grid installation, carpeting in the main office, and final clean up will need to be completed over the next three weeks.  By August 18, we expect to have access to a large portion of the new addition, and by August 25 we expect to have access to all new and remodeled spaces.   Mr. Alderson has created a shared document that will help each teacher know the specific time that they can expect to have access to their room.  As many of you know, Curt left the district.  We are relying on Rivercrest Technologies, our consulting firm, to aid in the completion of the technology installation needs for the project.  We hope to have a new Technology Director hired as soon as possible.  

7-28-14 New Addition Bathroom

7-28-14 Kindergarten Classroom

7-28-14 New Entrance into Multi-Purpose Room

7-28-14 New Hallway

7-28-14 Cafeteria

7-28-14 Addition Exterior

7-14-15 New Entrance

7-28-14 New Parking Lot

7-28-14 Storage Area

7-28-14 Student Coat Racks
7-28-14 New West Entrance
The old boilers are almost completely removed and related demolition of piping and other materials continues.  The new boilers and other important materials have already been delivered.  Last Friday, we completed the electrical utility conversion to the new transformer that sits near the bus barn.  The utility poles have already, or will soon be coming down.  The new storm sewer system has been installed.  We are hopeful to have new blacktop behind the school prior to September 1.  Over the next two weeks, footings and foundation work for the new Ag-Tech wing will begin.
7-21-14 Storm Sewer Install
7-28-14 Project Sign on Schneider

7-28-14 Site work towards Schnieder

7-28-14 Site work towards MS-HS 

7-28-14 Storm sewer work

7-28-14 Utility Pole removal


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Referendum Update, July 14, 2014

7-14-14 Boys Bathroom

7-14-14 Casework Installation

7-14-14 Main Entrance

7-14-14 New Access Road

7-14-14 New Cafeteria

7-14-14 Cafeteria Entrance
7-14-14 Main Office

7-14-14 New Unit Ventilators

7-14-14 New Parking Lot

7-14-14 New Parking Lot

7-14-14 Bathroom Entrance

7-14-14 Flooring Sample

7-14-14 New Access Road

7-14-14 Skylight between 4K Rooms

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Referendum Update July 9, 2014

ELEMENTARY PROJECT The project is progressing at a rapid pace. Painting and drywall installation is occurring throughout the classroom/main office addition. The new bathrooms are being tiled and toilets are being installed. HVAC, plumbing, and electrical are completing all of the “above ceiling” work, and the ceiling grid is being installed. The floors have been poured in the new cafeteria, and the installation of the steel joists and metal decking will be complete by the end of the week. The roof will be installed next week. In addition, many of the existing classrooms will have new unit ventilators installed by the end of next week. Once this is complete, then our maintenance staff can prepare these rooms for the start of the school year. We are still two to three weeks away from the installation of the casework and flooring. As these are completed, the contractor will turn these spaces over to the maintenance and technology staff for the final cleaning and room preparations. Mr. Alderson has confirmed the delivery date of furniture and we will be contracting with Rivercrest Technologies to support the installation of computers, smart boards, projectors, wireless networks, and security cameras. Unless there are unforeseen delays, the building will be ready for students on September 2.

7-7-14 New Boilers

7-7-14 Boys' Bathroom

7-7-14 Cafeteria Entrance

7-7-14 Parking Lot Prep

7-7-14 New Entrance

7-7-14 Girls' Bathroom

7-7-14 Kindergarten Room with Ceiling Grid

Referendum Update, July 7, 2014

At the June 23rd meeting, the Board of Education approved an adjusted calendar for the 2014-2015 school year.  I attached a copy of the calendar and the daily schedules for each building. 

Following a public bidding process, the Cashton School Board passed a resolution awarding Fowler and Hammer General Contractors the construction contract for the MS-HS Addition and Remodeling project.  Fowler and Hammer submitted the lowest of five contractor bids.  

Fowler and Hammer is based in La Crosse, WI.  The well-respected firm has completed a number of large educational, healthcare, industrial, and retail projects in the Coulee Region.  The firm is currently completing a addition and remodeling project for DeSoto School District, as well as building Northside Elementary School for LaCrosse School District.  Fowler and Hammer has collaborated with SDS Architects on a number projects including Bangor Middle and High School. 

Representatives from Fowler and Hammer have been on site already.   The first steps will be to coordinate with the Village of Cashton, WE Energies, Mediacom, and VernonTel to reroute utilities to make room for the Ag-Tech addition.  

The project will be completed in four phases.  
PHASE 1:  New boilers will be installed and HVAC systems will be converted from steam to hot water.  In addition, temperature controls will be digitized and zoned for more efficient performance. Estimated completion:  Mid-October, 2014.  
PHASE 2:  Construction of the Ag-Tech Addition. Work on the Ag-Tech addition will start in late summer.  Estimated completion:  Mid-January, 2015.  
PHASE 3:  Remodeling of the existing Ag area into Cardio-Fitness Center.  Estimated completion:  Mid-May, 2015.
PHASE 4:  Construction of the academic multi-purpose area, LMC remodeling, and main entrance remodeling:  Estimated completion:  Mid-September, 2015.  The plan is that phase 4 progress will allow the regular start date for the 2015-2016 school-year, however, there will likely be some construction related issues to manage.