Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Referendum Update, August 20, 2014

On September 6th at 10:00 am the administrative team will be leading interested community members on tours of the Elementary facility. The date coincides with Fall Fest weekend and the time is just after the annual 5K Run and Walk event. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Meet the Teacher Night and the First Day of School is just around the corner.  There is still a considerable amount of work to be completed, however, the building will be suitable for both of these important events.  Over the past couple weeks the flooring in the new classroom and main office addition was completed; the main entrance, classroom doors, coat racks, and hallway display boards were installed; the concrete work in and around the new addition was poured; ceiling tiles in the classrooms have been dropped, and the first of two furniture shipments was delivered.

We are encouraged to be in the final stages of the project.  The flooring in the new cafeteria is scheduled to be complete and ready for traffic by August 20.  Factory start up and training for maintenance staff is being scheduled for the new boilers, temperature control systems, and water heating systems.  The new cooler, sink, and storage areas in the kitchen are scheduled to be complete by August 26.   Once the final shipment of furniture arrives, the maintenance staff will unbox and assemble the new classroom furniture.  In addition, many areas will require a deep cleaning.  It is likely that some of this deep cleaning will have to take place after the start of the school year.  However we will prioritize high student traffic areas.   Many teachers already have access to their rooms and have started the process of organizing the room for the start of school.

8-12-14 Seal in Front Lobby
8-12-14 New Entrance
8-12-14 5K Classroom
8-12-14 Behind the new addition
8-12-14 Furniture, Supplies and Ceiling Tile in Classrooms
8-12-14 New Conference Room
8-12-14 New Entrance
8-12-14 Moving into the 4K
8-12-14 Cafeteria
8-12-14 Nurses Office
8-12-14 Storage Facility
8-12-14 Title I Classroom
The first priority at the Middle-High school is to install the new boilers prior to the heating season. The old boilers have been removed and the air-handling units above the gym and in the wood shop have been removed.  New piping is being installed to upgrade the older sections of the building as well as prepare for the additional square footage.  If you have been in the building you have likely heard and seen this work occurring.  While most of this work will be complete prior to the start of school, there will be some temporary inconveniences during the fall.  We will work diligently with the contractor to minimize the distractions and to provide ample warning to teachers and staff affected by construction.

The other major focus of work is  the new agriculture and technology wing.  The relocation of electrical, cable, and telephone utilities is complete.  The process for relocating the gas service will not be complete until late September.  Contractors are preparing the footings and the foundation for the new addition.

8-12-14 Boiler Demo
8-12-14 Ag-Tech Wing
8-12-14 Ag-Tech Wing
8-12-14 Ag-Tech Wing