Wednesday, October 29, 2014

MS-HS Addition and Remodeling Progress, October 29, 2014

10-29-14 Ag Shop Entrance

10-29-14 Maintenance Parking Lot

10-29-14 Bus Barn

10-29-14 Greenhouse

10-29-14 Innovations Dark Room

10-29-14 Metal Shop Entrance

10-29-14 Metals Shop

10-29-14 South Wall Ag-Tech Addition

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MS-HS Addition and Remodeling Progress, October 22, 2014

10-22-14 Live Animal Room

10-22-14 Ag Shop-Classroom

10-22-14 Ag Shop-Classroom

10-22-14 Ag-Tech Addition Hallway

10-22-14 Entrance to Live Animal Area

10-22-14 Greenhouse

10-22-14 Innovations Office

10-22-14 Meats Lab

10-22-14 Entrance into Metal Shop

10-22-14 South Exterior

Friday, October 17, 2014

MS-HS Addition and Remodeling Progress, October 17, 2014

10-14-14 Ag Shop and Classroom

10-14-14 Ag Shop and Classroom

10-14-14 Meats Lab Entrance 

10-14-14 South Exterior

10-14-14 Greenhouse

10-14-14 Innovations Lab

10-14-14 Meats Lab

10-14-14 Metals Lab

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Referendum Update, October 8, 2014

Progress continues on the first two phases of the MS-HS project.  The most important aspect of the initial phase has been the demolition and install of a new boiler system.  The new system includes three high efficiency boilers.  Unfortunately during install it was discovered that one of the boilers had a leak.  That defective boiler was removed and replaced with a new boiler.  The new boiler has been connected and factory start up of the entire boiler system will be completed this week.  There may be some transitional issues related to controlling the temperatures with the new system.  Please report uncomfortable temperatures to Al, Jenny, or me.  We will work with Complete Control to get our monitoring system online as soon as possible.  I thank you for your patience during this transition.

Nearly all of the foundation and footing work is complete on the Ag-Tech addition.  Initially this work was delayed because the gas company took awhile to relocate our natural gas connection, however, this delay is behind us.  Crews are currently constructing the interior masonry walls; adding exterior brick; pouring the concrete floors; and installing the roof joists and metal decking on the roof.  Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical sub-contractors are also busy coordinating with the general contractor to complete their work as the new areas are constructed.

Site work in the back of the school is also progressing quickly.  The stormwater piping is complete; curbs have been installed; landscaping in the green spaces will be complete by the end of the week; and the new, safer above ground fuel tank is now functioning.  Site lighting will be delivered and installed by the end of next week and the area will be paved on October 27.

The goal is to complete the Ag-Tech wing by Jan 1, 2015.  Once the Ag-Tech wing is complete, we will work with the contractor to move into these areas as quickly and efficiently as possible.  After the move is complete, the next phase of construction will focus on remodeling the old Ag area into the new cardio fitness center.  In addition, we are hopeful that the old innovations lab and LMC remodeling can begin in the spring.
The administrative team is organizing the technology and furniture purchase process for the new areas as well as discussing the logistics of “moving out” of the areas affected by the construction of the new entrance and academic multi-purpose areas next summer.

10-7-14 Metals and Ag Shops

10-7-14 Ag Classroom
10-7-14 Exterior Brick

10-7-14 Innovations Entrance

10-7-14 Innovations Lab

10-7-14 Metals Shop

10-7-14 Metals Shop

10-7-14 Rain Garden
The elementary project has reached substantial completion.  The building project was completed on a timeline that allowed for school to start without any educational interruptions.  The maintenance staff and elementary faculty should be commended for their exemplary efforts over the past five months.

The majority of the remaining work at the elementary school will be completed outside of the school day.  The work that remains is in three main areas: additional site work; security software updates; and the finishing touches on the flooring.   Sub-contractors will be required to wear high visibility clothing; sign in at the main office; and leave work areas clean and safe upon completion.  Project closeout and final payments will only occur after SDS Architects; KJWW Engineers; and Cashton School District approve all of the work.  After project closeout; there is a year warranty on all aspects of the project.  We will stay in close communication with Boson and SDS to make sure that any issues that arise are addressed in a timely fashion.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MS-HS Progress October 1, 2014

10-1-14 View from Schneider Street
10-1-14 View from Bus Barn (Picture Courtesy of Breanna Schmidt and Josie Moreno)

10-1-14 Greenhouse
10-1-14 Ag Shop Entrance
10-1-14 Ag Shop
10-1-14 Innovations Lab

10-1-14 Entrance to Meats Lab

10-1-14 Metals Shop
10-1-14 New Fuel Barrel

10-1-14 Site Prep
10-1-14 Wood Shop Updates