Friday, January 9, 2015

MS-HS Addition and Remodeling, January 9, 2015

Agriculture-Technology Addition
We have reached substantial completion on the second phase of the MS-HS project.  By the end of next week the school will have appropriate authorization to conduct classes in the Metals Processing Lab; Agriculture classroom; Agriculture-Science labs; and the Innovations Lab.  We are very excited to utilize these spaces to promote relevant learning experiences. Our vision is to expand course offerings to include co-taught dual credit Ag-Science Animal Biology and Plant Biology; Principles of Engineering; and project based Marketing.

The maintenance staff and Gary Kohl should be commended for their extra efforts over the Christmas break.  The process of moving all of the equipment, supplies, and materials from the old Ag-Metals area is daunting, however, progress is being made daily.  Gary put in a lot of time to make sure that the data, phone, and technology connections will be ready to go.  We are not anticipating any big technical hiccups for students and teachers when they move into the new area.

As many teachers at the elementary school can attest to, the process of transitioning rooms is time consuming.  Nathan, Sara, and Mike have, and will continue to, put in extra time moving out of their old rooms and preparing the new rooms for students.  The fact that it is happening mid year only adds to the fun.

There are only a few details that remain for this phase:
  • Fire rated door glazing needs to be installation; 
  • Fire extinguisher boxes installation;
  • Final testing and balancing of the HVAC system; 
  • Final state inspection.
1-9-15 Ag-Tech Hallway
1-9-15 Ag Classrooms
1-9-15 Innovations Lab
1-9-15 Meat Lab
1-9-15 Meat Lab
1-9-15 Metals Processing Lab
1-9-15 Metals Processing Lab
Fitness Center
The next phase of the project is to remodel the old Ag-Metals shop into a fitness center.  Once we have completely moved out, the block wall between the shop and classroom will be removed; book shelves and casework will be salvaged; and mechanical, plumbing, and electrical will be disconnected.  The interior work will include the addition of multiple access points between the fitness center and gym; the addition of windows; the removal of the garage door; and the installation of an operable wall.  Below is simplified representation of the new fitness center.  Jenny, Bill, and the physical education staff are reviewing the current fitness center equipment and determining what is essential to move; what will need to be added; and what could possibly be used as trade-in value.  We will solicit bids from multiple vendors to get the most competitive price for any additional equipment.

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