Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13, 2015 Referendum Update

Phase III:  Fitness Center
Major developments over the past month include:
  • The creation of the entrances between the gym and the new fitness center.
  • Updates to HVAC systems in the fitness center.
  • Construction of the operable partition that will separate the fitness classroom and cardio-weight areas.
Major developments over the next month:
  • Window installation and removal of old garage door.
  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Ceiling installation

Phase IV:  Main Entrance/LMC
The old innovations lab is being converted into a teachers’ lounge and classroom.  This work was originally slated for this summer, but contractors have gotten a jump on this project.  On March 4, I attended the Village Board meeting and gained approval for the section of Coe Street in front of school to be shut down during the summer months.  We are finalizing the order of classroom and LMC equipment for phase IV areas.  We are proud that we will be reusing most of the casework in the old main office and classrooms.

Final Referendum Projects
After the MS-HS project is complete, we will focus on site development projects at both the elementary and middle-high school sites. I have started preliminary discussions with SDS and Delta-3 engineering. The depth and scope of these projects will depend on how much of our contingency remains after completing the priority projects at the Elementary and MS-HS.  Our intent is to address the following site issues:

  • Additional Elementary Parking.  Add a small parking lot (30-35 stalls) on the west side of the elementary school.  This lot will serve as a faculty lot as well as ease parking issues at large district events.  It will be positioned to allow for convenient parking for events at the park.
  • Primary-age playground.  Construct a new playground structure specifically designed for primary aged students.  The location would be adjacent to the new primary addition. 
  • MS-HS Parking Lot.  The goal will be to develop a cohesive plan that integrates the current lot and the adjacent acquired land.  The plan will include lighting upgrades and improved pedestrian access.  We have and will continue to communicate with the Village and the DOT to make sure that our plan aligns to the 2017 DOT/Village project that extends Kissel Street to Front Street.
  • Field Event Area.  Currently the Shot Put and Discus events are run inside the track.  This is a safety hazard during large meets.  If space allows, the construction of a field event area adjacent to track would mitigate this risk.
3-13-15 Fitness Center
3-13-15 Fitness Center
3-13-15 Fitness Center
3-13-15 Room 129
3-13-15 Room 129
3-13-15 Teacher's Lounge