Wednesday, August 19, 2015

MS-HS Project, August 18, 2015

The most common question that I have been asked throughout the summer is:  “Are you going to be ready for the start of school?”  Every time my answer has been the same: “Ready enough.”
The project at the MS-HS is nearing completion.  The transformation over the past two months has been remarkable.  The last couple weeks have been particularly productive.  Despite all of the hard work, there is still much that will need to be accomplished over the next three weeks.  We expect that the main entrance, main office, stairwell, hallways, and new bathrooms will be fully functional.  In the unlikely event that there are unanticipated complications, we have a plan in place to start school without access to portions of the new areas.  The new LMC will be completed around September 8, but we are anticipating needing a couple weeks to move-in and prepare for student use.  Our goal is to have the LMC ready by September 22. Al, Gary, and the entire maintenance staff are working with the contractor to make sure that all areas are clean and ready for students.

The exterior panels that will be installed above the brick on the new addition (currently plywood) will not be installed until mid-October.  The panels had to measured once the structure was built.  After measurement it takes about 8 weeks to manufacture and install the product.

8-18-15 School from Street
8-18-15 Entrance

8-18-15 Front of School 

8-18-15 Main Entrance Addition
8-18-15 Main Entrance Lobby 
8-18-15 Main Office
8-18-15 Main Office
8-18-15 Main Office

8-18-15 Outer Guidance Office

8-18-15 Principal's Office
8-18-15 Room 223