Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016 Site Development Update

The recent mild and relatively dry weather has helped with completion of site development projects at the elementary.

Primary Playground
  • The pathways that connect the new playground, the park, and the track are complete.
  • The area is seeded and grass is taking root.
  • A permanent trash can was delivered by Lee Recreation on October 14.
  • Lee Recreation addressed rubber chip coverage concerns on October 14.

Field Event Areas
  • Grading and seeding is complete.
  • The clogged bioretention area was drained on October 11.  The engineer is creating a plan for C&C to:
    • Remove the mud that seeped into the bioretention area during the wet summer.
    • Repair the fabric and  restore the wood chips.  
    • If mother nature cooperates, we will complete these tasks prior winter.
  • The ground sleeves for the discus backstop have been installed.
  • The limestone screenings for the shot put area is complete.
Shot Put and Future Parking Lot 10-19-2016
Shot Put Area 10-19-2016
Bioretention Basin 10-16-2016
Discus Area 10-19-2016
Intermediate Playground
  • The purple playground equipment was reinstalled on October 13.
  • Buddy benches were added on October 13.
  • The blacktop seal coated and repaired on October 7.
  • Lee Recreation addressed rubber chip coverage concerns on October 14.
  • The adjacent field has been graded and seeded.

Handicap Accessibility Path To Track
  • The location below the secondary gym roof drain is still wet.  The path is designed to run along the area where water will discharge during a significant rain event. 
  • The engineer is estimating the cost of rerouting the roof drains to the storm sewer that discharges on the east side of the track.  
  • We will complete this project in the spring.

Auxiliary Elementary Parking Lot
  • Al asked if it were feasible to have C&C complete some of the prep work for the Elementary Parking Lot this fall.
  • Our original plan was to have all of the work completed as part of the 2017 Site Development Projects.  
    • Al feels if C&C could put the geogrid fabric and gravel base in the fall this will allow the parking lot to experience one freeze/thaw cycle prior to being blacktopped. In addition it will reduce the risk of mud runoff seeping into the bioretention area in the spring.
  • This will be an additional cost in the fall, but will reduce the cost of next year’s project.
10-19-2016 Auxiliary Elementary Lot

MS-HS Parking Lot
  • The current design has been shared with the Facilities Committee.  We are looking to have the final design complete by Thanksgiving.  
  • The project will be bid in January.   
  • Work on the Auxiliary Elementary Lot will begin as soon as the ground thaws in the spring.
  • Work on the MS-HS Lot will begin on June 1.  
  • We will put a requirement that the MS-HS lot be complete no later than August 15.
10-19-2016 MS-HS Parking Lot

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Elementary Site Projects

8-22-2016 Primary Playground
8-22-2016 Primary Playground
8-22-2016 Intermediate Playground
8-22-2016 Intermediate Playground
8-17-2016 Intermediate Playground
8-17-2016 Path to Cashton Park

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Elementary Playground

7-26-2016 Elementary Playground
7-26-2016 Elementary Playground
7-26-2016 Elementary Playground
7-26-2016 Elementary Playground

Friday, July 15, 2016

Elementary Site Development

The summer 2016 site development projects have started!  The scope of this summer's project is much less than the prior two summers.  However, we are excited to report that over the next couple weeks a new primary playground will be constructed on the west side of the elementary school.  By the end of the summer, new shot put and discus areas will be installed in the green space on the south west side of the school.  The intermediate playground will have new rubber chips and drain tile as well as increased green space for student play.  Finally, sidewalks will be installed to make the track facility handicap accessible and make the entire campus more pedestrian friendly.    Below are a few pictures of the work completed thus far.

7-12-2016 Primary Playground

7-12-2016 Primary Playground

7-12-2016 Discus Area