Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October 19, 2016 Site Development Update

The recent mild and relatively dry weather has helped with completion of site development projects at the elementary.

Primary Playground
  • The pathways that connect the new playground, the park, and the track are complete.
  • The area is seeded and grass is taking root.
  • A permanent trash can was delivered by Lee Recreation on October 14.
  • Lee Recreation addressed rubber chip coverage concerns on October 14.

Field Event Areas
  • Grading and seeding is complete.
  • The clogged bioretention area was drained on October 11.  The engineer is creating a plan for C&C to:
    • Remove the mud that seeped into the bioretention area during the wet summer.
    • Repair the fabric and  restore the wood chips.  
    • If mother nature cooperates, we will complete these tasks prior winter.
  • The ground sleeves for the discus backstop have been installed.
  • The limestone screenings for the shot put area is complete.
Shot Put and Future Parking Lot 10-19-2016
Shot Put Area 10-19-2016
Bioretention Basin 10-16-2016
Discus Area 10-19-2016
Intermediate Playground
  • The purple playground equipment was reinstalled on October 13.
  • Buddy benches were added on October 13.
  • The blacktop seal coated and repaired on October 7.
  • Lee Recreation addressed rubber chip coverage concerns on October 14.
  • The adjacent field has been graded and seeded.

Handicap Accessibility Path To Track
  • The location below the secondary gym roof drain is still wet.  The path is designed to run along the area where water will discharge during a significant rain event. 
  • The engineer is estimating the cost of rerouting the roof drains to the storm sewer that discharges on the east side of the track.  
  • We will complete this project in the spring.

Auxiliary Elementary Parking Lot
  • Al asked if it were feasible to have C&C complete some of the prep work for the Elementary Parking Lot this fall.
  • Our original plan was to have all of the work completed as part of the 2017 Site Development Projects.  
    • Al feels if C&C could put the geogrid fabric and gravel base in the fall this will allow the parking lot to experience one freeze/thaw cycle prior to being blacktopped. In addition it will reduce the risk of mud runoff seeping into the bioretention area in the spring.
  • This will be an additional cost in the fall, but will reduce the cost of next year’s project.
10-19-2016 Auxiliary Elementary Lot

MS-HS Parking Lot
  • The current design has been shared with the Facilities Committee.  We are looking to have the final design complete by Thanksgiving.  
  • The project will be bid in January.   
  • Work on the Auxiliary Elementary Lot will begin as soon as the ground thaws in the spring.
  • Work on the MS-HS Lot will begin on June 1.  
  • We will put a requirement that the MS-HS lot be complete no later than August 15.
10-19-2016 MS-HS Parking Lot

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